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Designing the Future: Baltimore Design School

2021 | short, 7 min.

Resiliency is baked into the DNA of Baltimore Design School.  From inception, Baltimore Design School has set out to change the narrative and offer a new way of thinking for middle-high school students in the Baltimore City community.  Educating students grades 6–12, this Baltimore City Public Transformation School aims to not just teach academics and design but has overarching goals of educating the whole child and expanding diversity in the design profession. 


Designing the future isn’t just a mantra at BDS. It’s the thread that weaves together the fabric of the their mission. Every student that comes out of this school leaves with a unique education and perspective on the world. It’s the design thinking mentality that makes BDS students an asset not only in the design field but in the workforce at large. 

Director / Editor: Emily Stubb

Producers:  Marsha Koger and Christine Fredrick
Director of Photography:  Wide Angle Youth Media
Original Music:  John Tyler, 18' BDS Alumni

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