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Designing for Distance in Station North

2020 | mini documentary, 90 sec.

In the context of the current pandemic, many people are seeking opportunities to reconnect with the communal aspects of life, while at the same time local businesses struggle due to lack of clientele. Sponsored by the City of Baltimore, the “Design for Distancing” program asked the question, “How might Baltimore bring its creative community together to help small businesses and neighborhoods adapt their streets, sidewalks and outdoor spaces with social distancing in mind?”

Focused in the community of Station North, this film captures the collaborative efforts of a team of designers, contractors, organizations, and business owners while they explore and implement meaningful ways to reimagine our public places as safe and healthy environments.

Director / Producer / DP / Editing: Emily Stubb
Design / Animation / Drone: Lyon van den Oord
Music: Blue Dot Sessions

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