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2019 | documentary, 20 min.

In the world’s wealthiest country, access to healthy, affordable, fresh food should be a basic human right. However, equal access to nutrient dense food remains an endemic problem across America. Deserted shares the stories of individuals and organizations across Baltimore City working to shift the narrative and reclaim their right to healthy food.

Director / Producer:  Emily Stubb

Editing:  Emily Stubb and Zack Martin
Director of Photography:  Rebecca van der Mulen and Stephen Nunley
Animation:  Zack Martin
Original Music:  Anthony Francis


Anthony Francis  - Founder,  Baltimore Coalition for Positive Change
Eric Jackson  - Founder,  The Black Yield Institute
Councilman John Bullock  - Baltimore City Council Member,  Representing the 9th District
Caitlin Misiaszek  - Project Officer,  Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
Major Gene Hogg  - The Salvation Army Central Area Commander,  DMG Foods
Southwest Baltimore Charter School

Selected Screenings:

Maryland Film Festival

Global Impact Film Festival

Baltimore City Fair Housing Film Festival

McCormick Flavor Solutions

Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

WTCI Youth Diplomats Sustainability Food & Water Scarcity Workshop

World Trade Center Institute’s AGILE Innovation Series: Global Innovations in Protecting the World’s Food Supply

University of Maryland

Goucher College

MICA Place


Washington Waldorf School

Gensler Architecture

Mahan Rykiel: Landscape Architecture

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